The behind-the-scenes hero of the evening was Shawn Keener, responsible for one of the central elements of the evening—the projection of facsimiles. […] The flawlessly executed images offered both stunning backdrops and convenient supertitles; along with the expressivity of the songs I couldn’t imagine a better immersive experience in a concert hall.

The Boston Musical Intelligencer (2015)

Another impressive feature of the production was the visually enhanced translations that accompanied it […]. Frequently such adornments can be distracting or gimmicky, but Keener’s beautiful and highly amusing selection of [illuminations] added greatly to the performance and further transported the audience back in time.

Chicago Classical Review (2016)

Translations were projected on a large screen along with images of manuscripts, neumes, maps, and period artwork […]. Without the variety provided by such multimedia adornments the stylistic homogeneity of Wolkenstein’s music could have made for a tedious evening, but the combined result was anything but dull.

Chicago Classical Review (2017)