Meet Shawn Keener

editor, indexer, curator, and designer

Trained as a music historian at the University of Chicago, I did my dissertation research in Venice on a Fulbright grant (2007-2008) and for years worked at the Newberry Library in Chicago—first in the cataloging department, then as Program Manager of the Center for Renaissance Studies and (briefly) Selector for Early Music. After a stint as an in-house editor at A-R Editions, I I began Keener Editorial, bringing my constellation of passions, skills, and expertise under one proverbial roof.

As a callow youth I was heavily involved in Colorado’s Balinese gamelan scene, toured with the Colorado College Bowed Piano Ensemble, and was an announcer at KCME-FM (Colorado Springs), where I also designed and edited the monthly member magazine The Listener.

My actor parents instilled in me a love of language, an appreciation for the theatrical, and an unshakably nocturnal circadian rhythm.

What are you working on?